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Fad Gadget - Discography (1981 - 2001)

Artist: Fad Gadget
Album: Discography
Date: (1980-2002)
Country: UK
Label: Mute Records
Style: New Wave, Post Punk, Synthpop
Quality: 128-320 kbps
Size: 900.30 MB


Fireside Favourites (1980) - 320 kbps

02.State Of The Nation(3:47)
03.Salt Lake City Sunday(2:12)
04.Coitus Interruptus(4:38)
05. Fireside Favourite(4:31)
06. Newsreel(3:39)
07. Insecticide(3:07)
08.The Box(4:17)
09. Arch Of The Aorta(6:20)

Incontinent (1981) - 192 kbps

01.Blind Eyes(4:54)
02.Swallow It(5:28)
03. Saturday Night Special(6:25)
04. Incontinent(3:19)
05. Manual Dexterity(3:26)
06. Innocent Bystander(6:27)
07. King Of The Flies(4:06)
08.Diminished Responsibility(6:11)
09. Plain Clothes(4:38)

Under the Flag (1982) 192 - 256kbps

01. Under The Flag I(2:38)
02. Scapegoat(2:47)
03.Love Parasite(5:23)
04. Plainsong(3:49)
05.Wheels Of Fortune(4:55)
06. Life On The Line IV(3:51)
07. The Sheep Look Up(3:36)
09.For Whom The Bell Tolls(5:19)
10. Under The Flag II(2:49)

Gag (1984) 192 - 320kbps

01.Ideal World(5:29)
02. Collapsing New People(4:32)
03. Sleep(3:25)
04.Stand Up(3:28)
05. Speak To Me(3:23)
06. One Man's Meat(2:49)
07. The Ring(4:06)
09.Ad Nauseum(4:08)

Pandora's Music Box Festival (Rotterdam 1984) - 128 kbps

01. Coitus Interruptus(2:58)
02. Ideal World(5:06)
03.Collapsing New People(4:02)
04. The Ring(3:58)
05. Ad Nauseam(3:42)
06.Lemming Stomp(4:35)
07. For Whom The Bells Toll(5:11)
08.Ricky's Hand(3:26)
09.Back To Nature(5:15)
10.Fireside Favourite(3:57)

Fad Gadget - Collapsing New People (Extended Version) (12'') 1984 (192 kbps)

01. Collapsing New People (London Mix)(9:19)
02. Collapsing New People (Berlin Mix)(7:05)
03.Spoil The Child(3:38)

The Best of Fad Gadget (2001) - 320 kbps

01. Back to nature(5:49)
02.The box(4:15)
03. Ricky's hand(4:09)
04. Handshake(4:27)
05.Fireside favourite(4:17)
07. Make Room(4:14)
08. Lady Shave(5:48)
09. Saturday Night Special(4:34)
10. King of the Flies(3:06)
11. Life on the Line(3:57)
12. 4M(3:09)
13. For whom the bells toll(3:35)
14. Love Parasite(3:17)
15.I Discover Love(3:50)
16.Collapsing New People(4:17)
17.One Man's Meat(3:27)
18. Luxury(4:05 )
19.Collapsing New People (Berlin Mix)(7:10)
20. Fireside Favourite (toastedcrumpet mix)(4:48)
21. Swallow it(4:55)
22. Love Parasite (6:32)
23. Luxury (remix)(7:05)
24. For whom the bells toll3(8:06)
25. I Discover Love (extended)(5:45)
26.Sleep (electro-induced original)(3:56)
27. Life on the Line 2(5:07)
28. One Man's Meat (remix)(6:30)
29. Immobilise [Foot Binding Trot Mix](4:24)
30.Collapsing New People (London Mix)(9:31)

Live at SAMA Festival (Gothenburg 2002) - 128 kbps

01.Worried Man(5:26)
02.Ricky's Hand(4:15)
03.Collapsing New People(4:39)
04.Chasing The Blues Away(5:38)
06.Love Parasite(4:56)
07.Fireside Parasite(4:11)
08.Coitus Interruptus(7:13)
09.Ad Nauseum(5:35)
10.Back To Nature(6:31)

Fad Gadget (As Frank Tovey)- The Fad Gadget Singles 1986 (192 kbps)

01.Back To Nature(5:37)
02.The Box(4:17)
03.Ricky?s Hand(4:09)
04.Fireside Favourite(4:31)
05.Lady Shave(5:10)
06.Saturday Night Special(4:26)
07.King Of The Flies(3:01)
08.Life On The Line(3:49)
09.For Whom The Bells Toll(3:27)
10.I Discover Love(3:43)
11.Collapsing New People(4:07)

Frank Tovey(ex Fad Gadget)-Tyranny And The Hired Hand 1989 (320 kbps)

01.31 Depression Blues(3:20)
02.Hard Times In The Cotton Mill(3:13)
03.John Henry / Let Your Hammer Ring(5:03)
04.The Blantyre Explosion(3:43)
05.Money Cravin' Folks(2:12)
06.All I Got's Gone(2:24)
07.Midwife Song(2:26)
08.Sam Hall(4:36)
09.Dark As A Dungeon(3:59)
10.Men Of Good Fortune(4:50)
11.Sixteen Tons(2:57)
12.North Country Blues(4:34)
13.Buffalo Skinners(4:58)
14.Black Lung Song(4:27)
15.Pastures Of Plenty(2:33)
16.Joe Hill(3:18)
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Просмотров: 1984 | Теги: Post Punk, synthpop, New Wave

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